Kike Ibáñez © 2018

Canción: Le Printemps, Grupo: Les Petites Bourrettes

Las Kikeninas or Meninas en asamblea is a reinterpretation of Velazquez´s picture, this version represents the 15M movement that arose in Madrid in May 2011. In the lower right we can see a menina with a megaphone and a child taking notes, elements of the meetings that were organized in the streets.

Menina dressed in white representing the purity of the target (better system), this goal needs to be fed with passion (menina Heart Print) and optimism (menina smiles print).

At the back upstairs depicted as a capitalist evil character who goes by the back door.

As original "Las Meninas" is represented Velazquez but instead carry the cross of Santiago on his chest, wearing a sun representing the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

Kike Ibáñez, the author, appears self-portrayed near the window with a woman.

This work was painted using acrylic paint, pencil and pen on wood, in June 2011.

Size: 200cm X 120cm.